For the name of the village there are various opinions. The prevailing view, however, and recorded in the historical records of Corfu is the following:
The 1439 meeting in Florence the last session for the union of the two churches. In this session the eastern church represented by the Byzantine Emperor Palaeologus. Along with the emperor was the Patriarch of Constantinople / Tour Joseph representatives patriarchates of the East metropolitans of Ephesus Mark of Ephesus, and Sardis Irakleias Anthony Dennis. Also Nikeas Bessarion, bishop Isidore Russia, the Monemvasia Dorotheos and  many monks. Also, the emperor's brother Demetrius. At the time of Corfu was under Venetian rule. The central government exercised Bailos based in Corfu and administration in the province nobles, who had the Italian title of "Konte". A decentralized provincial administration was also attached to the village and other areas. The 1439 governor of this province was the noble Venetian, the known with the name Konte LIVIOS, who had established the current village Vasilatika. Even today there are ruins of the villas, which had the Italian name KOURTI.

Even today, visitors will see a strong Venetian presence in the village. The old base of the bell tower, which is made with TOUFOUS, has the emblem of the symbol of the Venetian empire LION. And in various parts of the region will see the ruins of the villas of the Venetian governor.

The view of the village is stunning and is located right next to the beach and village Boukari.
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