The Potamos (River) Village got its name from the river . If there was not a river, the name of the village would be the " village of the Virgin " and this because the old churches dedicated to the Virgin Mary as Eleoysa , Pigi , Sparmiotissa. When  the relics of Saint Varvara was transferred to Potamos, the church of the Life Giving Source was renovated and added the name of the Saint. 400 years ago there was water scarcity in the village and the people decided to make a vow and take the picture of Our Lady procession to the monastery of Paleokastritsa. This was established as a custom and takes place once a year on Easter. The traditional procession leaves the church of St. Barbara and Life Giving Spring and now goes to the area Temploni .

Features of Potamos is also staircase of Our Lady the the gate , the belfry of St. Barbara , and the arches in the middle of the historic center .

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