Pelekas village is located at a distance of one and a half kilometer on one of the most beautiful hills of the island and is one of the most famous but also picturesque villages of Corfu. Features magnificent views as it sits at an altitude of 220 meters while uniquely combines the green nature with stunning Sea Beach. Located on the Western side of the island, at a distance of 12 km from the city. The village is famous for the majestic sunset. Many consider the sunset one of the grandest of Corfu. The time of the sunset on top of the Hill, where it operates and cafeteria, gathers crowds of people to admire the Ionian Sea in his best moment, in time of his association with the red-yellow Sun. Around Pelekas village there are many trails that are ideal for hiking in nature.

The Kaizer Emperor of Germany and owner of the Achillion Palace after the death of Sissys, was visiting the village of Pelekas in order to admire the amazing sunset.

Nearby you can find the amazing beach of Kontogialos, which was awarded with the Blue Flag.

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