The main scenario of Liapades name is coming out from the word "Aliplakti" which means sea-beaten. The first residents settled in Alipa, a part of Paleokastritsa. From that location name (Alipa) came out the official name of Liapades or Alipades which is rarely used. During the pirates invasions the citizens of Liapades moved from Alipa to the current location of the village in order to avoid to be seen from the pirates as the first settlements where high on the cliff and they couldn't been from the sea.
Liapades is the 3rd biggest village of Corfu with 900 residents. The main occupation of Liapades inhabitants used to be the fishery and the agriculture. Nowadays they also produce wine from the grape variety called "kakotrigis" and they work on tourism for the last 25 years.

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