The building where the museum is located in a prominent position and an enduring figure on the island of Corfu as it houses rare finds and carries a big story . The jurisdiction of the EPKA and first task of founding the museum was the preservation and presentation of cultural heritage Palaiopolis .
The building started to be built in 1828 and is the work of the English architect Chouitmor (Whitmore), who was the manufacturer of the palaces of Michael and George . Delivered in 1831 as a summer villa in Anglo Maintlant Commissioner Thomas (Thomas Maintland) and Corfiot wife Nina Palatianou .
With director Paul Prosalentis , in 1833 moved to this house the School of Fine Arts and in 1834 the manor farm operated as a public garden due to its extent and beauty. In 1840 the building was moved to sacred seminary where he stayed for two years .

Central Hypostyle hall building
The villa settled for a sufficient period of time since 1863 the Empress Elizabeth of Austria , known as " Sissy " . He left when constructed its own manor now known as Achillion . In 1864 , the villa and its gardens passed to the jurisdiction of the then King George I , who named his property now in Mon Repos ie "the rest of me." Until 1967 it was under the ownership of the former royal family and worked as a summer residence . Even hosted at Mon Repos prime ministers , kings and princes of Spain and England . It is said , that the hostel which is a second building next to the main villa named " Tito " by the leader of the former Yugoslavia .

Central hall second floor
In 1967 , the estate passed into the hands of the Municipality of Corfu where then in 1995 was given to the Ministry of Culture for housing the Museum Palaiopolis which opened in 2000 .
In the museum , visitors can see the exhibition of archaeological objects which have been found during excavations in Palaiopolis . These objects are a source of inspiration , research and study as well as from the Archaic until the Roman era . Moreover , visitors can be transported in climate that prevailed in the 19th century as well as conservation efforts are in that situation .
Strict symmetry characterizes the composition of the building which is shown in the form of two solid tumors. The villa , ie the bulk is a three-storey luxury landmark building dates which are built according to architectural style that prevailed at the Regency . In the prevailing building simple lines and large windows giving the building a position in the early neoclassical buildings of Greece .

source : wikipedia

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