The Church of St. Nicholas of Elders , San Nicolo dei Vecchi, built in Kampielo district of the old city of Corfu , in the early 16th century . He was the Great Cathedral priests by the year 1712 , while the installation of the Serbian Army and the Serbian Parliament in Corfu at the end of the year 1916 , granted the Serbs .

The church of St. Nicholas of Elders belongs , like most Byzantine churches of Corfu , the type of aisled basilica with a wooden roof and surrounded by a perimeter corridor , porch on three sides . The building complex includes the church and the priest's house in the northern part.

Impressive figures inside the temple is the wooden temple sanctuary of the oldest preserved churches in Corfu and the Pulpit , in the northern part. Remarkable frescoes of the church of Saint Theodora considered , the Holy Eucharist and the Holy Corfu suspected they were works of Emmanuel Bouniali Tzanne .


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