Located on 115 Nikiforos Theotoky Street and as it is written in saved documents it is the oldest church of the Venetian town.

In 1439 the Patriarch of Constantinople Joseph II with his attendants and the Byzantine Emperor John VIII Palaeologus made on their way to Italy (to take part in the congress of Florence) a layover on Corfu. During their stay at the feast of St. Anthony , the patriarch held a mass in the church after the request of the Grand Priest Michael Kleki where also the Prayer for the Salvation of Basilides of the cities was made.

The church was rebuilt in 1753 and radically changed its appearance.

The icon wall was constructed by the Corfiot architect and sculptor Alexander Trivoli - Pierris with Carrara marble and it is considered as the most beautiful of all churches of Greece. A true masterpiece on which 2,110 ducats were spent.

The large icons of the church is of Byzantine style and depict scenes from the Apocalypse of John.

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