The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Revealed Foreign built by the priest Nicodemus continental origin, the churchgoing refugees from the mainland , who came to Corfu with persecution during the Ottoman rule.

The church of Virgin Mary of Foreign owned three-aisled basilica. Characteristics constitute the " heavens" , which is the work of N. Koutouzi (18th century) , and the iconostasis is considered one of the most impressive gilt decorated temples temples of Corfu . The old reredos restored and restored in 1875 by conservators Italian origin , specializing in rhythm rococo , to faithfully preserve the influence of this rate. Many researchers have described the Doors of the Temple of unique artistic value. ' Another remarkable feature of the temple is the image " Tree of Jesse " with thumbnails of the prophets and the sayings in parchment , referred to the coming of the Messiah .


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