Kardaki Temple church is located on the steep eastern coast of Ascension ( within the estate of Mon - Repos ) right on the slope facing the sea , a bit higher than the source of Kardaki .

It was revealed from the British in 1822 on the steep slopes a little higher than the source of Kardaki . It is small Doric temple ( 11.91 x 25.5 m ) of the late Archaic period ( 510 BC ) , whose eastern portion has glided to the sea. Six (6 ) stood in the narrow columns and twelve ( 12) in each of ' the long sides . Inside the nave altar . The temple has architectural features, derived from the blending elements of Ionic and the colonial architecture in Great Greece . From the name of a source prevailed called the church in Kardaki while occasionally identification with the cult of Apollo or Poseidon has confirmed excavation . Two retaining walls of British rule hold soils in the south and west of the temple . Behind the two retaining walls found these two walls of ancient times concluded at a right angle and preserved to a height of several structures .



Δέσποινα Ζερνιώτη, archaeologist

photographic material: art-hellas

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