The temple is located in the St. Theodore Ellaiko next to the harbor. Detected accidentally in 1910 when they were parts of the west pediment of the giant, now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Corfu and is the oldest of the great stone pediments of ancient Greek art. This pseudo Doric temple, built in 590-580 BC He had three aisled nave, vestibule and opisthodomos.

Had the circumstance of 8 x 17 columns, and first brought clay roof. From this preserved sections written, clay sima, which at 535 to 525 BC replaced by another marble. Unfortunately today the temple is preserved on site, only the foundation trench of the feathers and the nave and some stone blocks supporting the paved floor pteron.

The large stone pediment adorning the western side of the temple, the central representation of the Gorgon and leontopanthires flanked either side of the two corners of appo scenes titanic today exposed in the Archaeological Museum of Corfu.

From the temple paved road width 3m. leads to an altar in the east, whose southern tip penetrates beneath the Monastery of St. Theodore. The altar, whose length corresponds to the width of the temple consists of foundation and pedestal with triglyphs and metopes. Along the northern side of the temple there is a large portion of the retaining wall in front of the platform was found, which probably supported the columns of a portico.


Γαρυφαλιά Μεταλληνού, αρχαιολόγος

Μαρία Νάκου, αρχαιολόγος

source: odysseus.culture

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