Count Ioannis Kapodistrias was born in Corfu in 1776 and was assassinated in 1831. He was the first Governor of Greece during the transitional period and while it was under the protection of the great powers and earlier Foreign Minister of Russian Empire.  Descended from an aristocratic family with a political tradition so he got involved with politics as early as 1803, when he was appointed Secretary of the territory of the Ionian State. With the occupation of the Ionian Islands from the French withdrew and joined in the Russian diplomatic service. He took important positions and managed to become Foreign Minister of the Russian Empire from 1815 to 1822, when he was forced to resign because of the revolution of 1821. On 14 April 1827 the National Assembly of Trizina chose him first Governor of Greece, a position from which came into friction with local officials, resulting in his murder on 9 October 1831 in Nafplio by brother and the son of Petrobey Mavromichalis, in retaliation of the latter's incarceration. As Governor of Greece he launched important reforms for the recovery of the State apparatus, as well as establishing the legal framework of the State, necessary for the establishment of the order. He also reorganized the armed forces under a single command.

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