The city until the time of the English protection didn't aqueduct. The needs of the population served by public cisterns that were in various places like the Esplanade, square Kremasti, square Brachliwti, square Heroes of Cypriot struggle, square Dimarcheiou, square Skaramanga, Tenedos in the monastery, the Church of St. Francis and in many other places. The spout, which existed in the square Dimarhiou, still survives today and decorates the fountain located between up and down Wide. The cistern has a capacity of 25,000 cubic feet, it was built in 1710 by George i. Theotoki and worked until 1832. The octagonal spout of bears around differences in relief symbolic representations and inscriptions. Decorated with emblems of Corfu and Venice, as well as the families of George i. Theotoki offered the cistern and Louis Theotoki Androytseli and Matthew Koyartanoy who had the care of construction, such as reporting and related signs.

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