A short distance from the area of Dassia we can find Castello (Villa Mimpeli). It was built by the Italian Baron Luke Mimpelis in 1905 in gothic pace, which contrasts with the harmony and the typical Corfiot landscape. In this post there was an old medieval tower of central defensive noble Polyla family. The tower was renovated, and after ten years it was built the magnificent and lovely in loftiness mansion. There hosted comets, barons, Princes, Kings and emperors. In 1940, when WW II war broke out, the family Mimpeli was expelled from Greece and their properties seized by the Greek State. In 1958 it was rented to an entrepreneur, who converted it into a hotel under the name "Castello", which ran until 1981. Since then it remains deserted and closed within a 75-acre wooded park.

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