The Church of St. George built in 1840 , in the Old Fortress , to meet the religious needs of the British soldiers who served in Corfu the period of English Protection ( 1814-1864 ) . For the construction of the church used materials from the ruined houses the surrounding area in 1865 , with the incorporation of Corfu in Greece , the Church of St. George, of the Anglican church turned into Orthodox , the inauguration of which took place on 21 March 1865 and the then bishop of Corfu , Athanasios Politis , dedicated to the Holy George , patron of Infantry somatos.Tote was adorned with the old chancel of the church of St. Spyridon , the work of eminent Cretan painter , Emmanuel Tzanne . The temple was donated by the family Voulgaris . The church is Georgian congregation can accommodate 4,000 worshipers . On the outside of six Doric columns supporting a triangular capstone . Internally, the form has changed because of the damage suffered during the Second World War . Initially two sets of columns divided the church into three parts by the basilica style . Above the columns rested the loft on three sides of the temple . . Like most churches of Corfu , in the church of St. George, was badly damaged by German bombing in the period of the Second World War ( 1943 ) .

In this temple deposition residents of Parga pictures of churches of the city , when it was ceded by the British and the Commissioner Maitland Ali Pasha in 1819 , and many residents were accommodated in Corfu. The images were in the church of St. George until March 25, 1930 , when the Metropolitan Athenagoras Corfu and later Ecumenical Patriarch of the procession through the city streets and handed over to Parga who returned to the city with the battleship " Averof" .

The church of St. George is considered one of the largest in size of the city and belongs to the three-aisled basilica with a loft . The architecture and construction of the church was based on drawings of an English officer, engineer, Antony Emmet and evokes ancient Doric temple .

The church of St. George operates only once a year , a day that celebrated the memory of St. George.

Also, every Easter starts from there Epitaph Church St. George on Good Friday at 16:00

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