A shop with love and passion for beer. Draped in wood and stone, lit by the reflection of the candles has become the hangout in Corfu for all byrovious and beyond. The flavors of Brasserie DIVER escape from the ordinary and fascinate. Sauerkraut with smoked wild boar, venison with wild mushrooms, rabbit sauce beer, authentic German knuckle Osho mouthful, spicy pork kids and huge hambourger and sandwiches are just some of the unique dishes that excite the senses. The Diver Beer Restaurant has one of the most current beer cellars. More than 50 labels from simple lager, until rare collectible monastery, and five cask satisfy the most demanding customer. For more advanced beer comes to the table with pillar 5 liters. Enjoying a good beer will complement the rock, ethnic, jazz, and blues sounds and the weekly happenings with central protagonist the beer

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